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Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson

rob_johnsonRobert Johnson

Sui Juris Law Foundational Cornerstone

This workshop will provide the individual enough information to literally BE their own lawyer and administrate all of their own affairs at law of their own right under their own power while of sui juris full age adult minded sound judgment capable to speak to all matters within their realm of knowledge without an ad litem attached to their name. It will also show people how to enjoy a level of freedom closer in coparison to that of 1776 than today, as what passes as freedom today, is but a mere shadow of it.

An Introduction to the simplistic basics of Sui Juris Law, Self Governance philosophy and methodology leading toward a sovereign lifestyle where freedom is the highest law and responsibility is the only duty payable to it.


I am 33 years old, I live in Buffalo NY and have a high school graduation equivalency education. I left school at 16 and began studying on my own all things which interested me and fired my mind. I began on income tax law and went from there, this began as a study of religion and ended with more questions than answers until my early 20s when I began to piece things together. Today I routinely assist over a thousand people at a time in handling all affairs at law. I will not seek accreditation from any educational institution as none of them offer anything close to the level of education I have already enjoyed studying on my own of my own right employing a sui juris law mentality to everything.

Website: (free)



Alexis Petrin

Alexis Petrin

alexis_TDHBLUEDOOR6Alexis Petrin

Namaste! I am Alexis Petrin, Owner and Channel of The Driving Heart. As a Healer, Shambhalla Master, Teacher, Channeler, and Lightworker my sole mission is to facilitate the profound connection of heart, spirit, and soul. Early on I shut down all conscious connection to Spirit. Over time I purposefully forgot who I was and why I was here. Over the years I allowed a fear based state to swallow me in many ways. It masked itself as addiction, low self-esteem, grandiosity, anxiety, and an inability to commit to anything truly fulfilling and worthwhile. This seemingly inescapable existence came to a halt in 2010. I was jolted by a call from my soul! Re-awakening to our spiritual nature was quite a shock. In a brief moment the world I had created was turned upside down. The veil of darkness lifted and the light that is and was burned so bright that it became impossible to turn away. For this gift of remembering I am eternally grateful. My greatest love is the joy of walking in ONENESS with all- illuminating the path of personal power, passion, purpose, and truth.

Consciously ACTIVATE and ANCHOR the DIVINE child- The CREATOR

You are NOT limited beings. Your attachment to the human experience is a limited existence. When you rest in the fact of your spiritual truth, nature, all of time and space opens. And wonders beyond your wildest imagination are born. ~Archangel Chamuel Channeling

Through this dynamic/ interactive workshop we will explore and eradicate self-imposed, societal, and generational belief systems which directly block us from experiencing personal truth … we are purely divine ~ we are UNlimited! No longer must we move through our experience chained by the conscious and unconscious limitations placed upon our heart, spirit, and soul. Consciously activating the DIVINE child- The CREATOR- we will launch into a world without limits, rules, processes, and procedures. We will anchor our DIVINE blueprint! You will experience a quantum transformation of mind, body, and spirit (the re-writing/ upgrading of DNA and cellular structure). Through this activation we will fully claim SOVEREIGNTY- our birthright. We will rise into a new reality of CREATION and collaboration through the God within!

Prepare to let loose, heal, release, embrace, dance, chant, channel, and open fully to The World of the SPIRIT!




THE HEART MAP EXPERIENCE This is a two parts, two days workshop (2-4 hours, one day version for festivals) designed to assist us in our personal growth and collective connection, offered in alignment with this exact TIME and PLACE. It’s based in ancient shamanic teachings and modern mind techniques bringing out our visions to the conscious world. It’s a very powerful manifestation tool and an artistic way of processing information. Heart mapping is a spiritual technology designed to help people re-connect and remember the magical journey of conscious manifestation, of any idea, project, dream or vision through the use of modern mind techniques and ancient shamanic teachings. The HEART MAPPING experience is oriented to everyone from 8 years old to 100 but mainly to the youth, and it’s designed to help the participants to remember and rediscover their dream/vision creating a “road map” that will inspire you into walking their passion, which is already within the heart. Biography: Soniko was born in the city of Kitu (the sacred place of the centred sun), a place right in the equator, in the highest of the Andes. Growing up in this city of 3 million people he learned the negative effects of being disconnected from the natural world and this was the trigger for the awakening of his spirit and the searching for what he felt was something bigger than himself. Artist, Visionary, and walking the ways of “the wise human”, Soniko is just like any other being on this Pachamama but his conscious walk has led him into a beautiful world of wonder and magic. He’s a Kokopelli , a seed carrier. His purpose in life is to serve our planet sharing these seeds of the new consciousness anywhere he goes, building bridges between the different worlds, connecting the ancient indigenous perspectives with the modern worldviews… In this way he co-creates the new galactic cosmovision of this new time with all his relations. Currently his vision is taking him all over the world where he meets with many wise elders of the different indigenous cultures, from whom he receives new seeds and learns how to assist Pachamama and her children in the awakening process. One of this seeds is the HEART MAP EXPERIENCE, a manifestation tool and a writing/mapping technique designed and developed by Soniko since 2005. It’s based on ancient wisdom and modern forms of processing information in logical and artistic ways. Currently Soniko shares this seed in the form of workshops and ceremonies with everyone with an open heart and who’s ready to give the first steps into the manifestation of their ideas, projects, dreams and visions. There are many more things to say about Soniko but what is definitely important to him is that every being recognizes their important and unique mission to fulfil in life. It’s our responsibility to do what we can to walk our sacred path… And so, in his own words, this is what Soniko has say about himself: “I am from HERE-NOW… where my heart beats and greets your being and my breath sounds and sings my name, Where my feet touch the earth and i can see my seeds growing, Where my skin can feel the sun and the rain… I am a human being, a child of this pachamama, I am your brother, another you as you are another me… I am Soniko Waira, Kokopelli, a Yellow Planetary Human and from the bottom of my heart I am happy and thankful to be…   HERE-NOW, InLove! All my relations!… AHO!” Website: Facebook:

Jack McCaig

Jack McCaig

jackJack McCaig

Successful Freedom Processes – These are 3 separate workshops that can be combined into one workshop:
  1 – Cooperative Financing of Creative Projects – how a group successfully completes a creative project while using the absolute minimum of financing and using management and formation tools that ensure success financially, socially and creatively.
  2 – Debt Removal – Using legal and lawful processes that remove debt while creating no negative outcome for the individual.
  3 – Authorized Representative of the Cestui Que Trust – successful processes for becoming and continuing the role of managing your trust (also colloquially called a strawman or sovereignty).
 They could all be done in one workshop called Freedom Processes. I also have extensive experience in sustainable building techniques and living if that is of interest.

Workshop Description – Freedom Processes workshop will explain successful processes of freedom from the current fractional reserve banking indentured servitude system.  The main types explained are legal/lawful debt removal, cooperative financing of creative projects and accepting the role of the authorized representative of the Cestui Que Trust (colloquially called sovereignty).


David Harshada Wagner

David Harshada Wagner

HarshadaBarnDavid Harshada Wagner

David Harshada Wagner is a meditation teacher and spiritual leader who has dedicated his life to exploring human consciousness and the science of self-transformation.

David is classically trained in the Indian wisdom traditions of Yoga, Bhakti, Vedanta, and Tantric Shaivism, but his teachings come from his 25 years of personal transformation and serving others to find their authentic path to deep happiness. He is the founder and current director of Living Meditation Inc. in the USA and Adhishtana Living in Mumbai, India. His teaching style is dynamic and unique, approachable to students from all walks of life.

David has been teaching meditation and self-empowerment to people all over the world in all kinds of venues since 1994. In 2003, he initiated a first-of-its-kind pilot program at Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital using meditation as a therapeutic modality for young patients and their parents. On the faculties of Kripalu, Yogaglo, and Omega Institute, he is a regular contributor to numerous on-line blogs and magazines, and is currently authoring a book on the spiritual lives of men to be published in October 2014.


Big Heart Meditation 
Meditation doesn’t need to be boring to be deep and effective. In this dynamic, interactive class, David shares simple and effective tips and tools to help you learn to enjoy deep meditation. In this class you will learn: How to choose and prepare a cozy meditation seat that sets you up for success. Preparation stretches and breathing techniques to help get your “subtle body” ready to meditate. Three simple, fool-proof meditation techniques (dharana) that anyone can do. How to avoid the common pitfalls of meditation practice. No experience necessary. Class includes discussion and guided meditation practice.
The Drop Becomes The Ocean: Entering, Sustaining Samadhi
Meditation is the practice of immersing our limited attention in the unlimited vastness of Consciousness. The ultimate goal of all yoga and meditation is to become established in the state of samadhi, or absorption in that unlimited principle. In this class we will examine key teachings from the wisdom traditions about samadhi and enjoy some deep practice to explore the teachings directly. We will also discuss practices to help us stay in touch with our deepest Truth while engaged in every day activities. Class includes discussion, guided meditation, and movement exercises.
Let Your Wild Man Breath: A Class For Men
Men today need a special kind of support and benefit immensely from sitting and sharing with other men. In this interactive class, we will explore the inner “Wild Man”- the untamed, deeply connected masculine energy that all men need to be deeply happy and truly powerful. We will discuss practices and questions that men can use to hone themselves and connect to their sacred masculine inner energy. Class will include discussion and short guided meditation.
Get out of your head and into your senses
Experience the primal, healing, heart-opening, mind-centering, deeply sacred power of nature. 

For this class we walk (rain or shine) silently through the forest seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and yes maybe even tasting, the natural world. The experience will include a short introduction and safety talk, a medium paced silent walk, a period of non-moving meditation, a handful of sensory encounter practices, and a debrief conversation.


Jennifer Sodini

Jennifer Sodini


jennifersoldiniJennifer Sodini

Jennifer Sodini is a born empath, and spiritual intuitive that has been a life-long student of conscious enlightenment. Her grandmother taught her Tarot at the age of 8, and submersed her in the mystic side of art, music, culture, and spirituality.

She has been doing readings professionally for over 10 years, and has recently published a children’s book on cosmic consciousness entitled, The Unity Tree.

Unlocking Your Psychic Potential

This workshop aims to teach students that it is our birth-rite to be psychic by detailing the the scientific aspects of the brain that verify this truth. We will explore the mystery of the pineal gland in relation to ancient knowledge, and discuss the role that DMT plays in intuition and mystical experiences. By showing different tools, exercises and methods to help flex this “muscle”, participants will learn how to unlock their highest potential. We will review all types of psychics (clairvoyant, clairsentient, etc.), as well as review different types of divination tools for reading others. Participants will also have a chance to apply the knowledge learned and conduct readings on one another at the end of our workshop.


Website: &

Facebook +

Video Jennifer Sodini on Shaking Reality:

Michael Wann


MichaelKaWannMichael Wann

Michael Wann is a Pennsylvania artist, healer and craftsman of sublime energy tools.  His tools are built upon sacred geometry, the metaphysical properties of crystals and minerals, ancient knowledge and an eye for beauty and function.

Sarah Murray is a Crystal Energy Therapist, Wild Plants Enthusiast, Licensed Massage Therapist, Medical Intuitive, and the founder of Pure Healing Insight, LLC. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Sacred Tools:   Explore, Discover and Play in your own Energy Field

Access powerful, one-of-a-kind energy tools to explore, play and discover the different aspects of your energetic anatomy. You will discover aspects of yourself that you may have never encountered before, such as hidden creativity, or maybe the need for self-nurturing. By using these tools as mirrors of your inner landscape, not only are you accessing your higher potential, but you are also bringing conscious awareness to the gifts and talents that you have to share with the world at this time.

The types of tools include Golden Mean Pendulums (e.g. petrified wood pendulum for accessing ancient knowledge), Healing Daggers (e.g. watermelon tourmaline dagger for the emotional body)  and Archetype Wands (e.g. Kokopelli’s Flute for access to joy and creativity).  Workshops limited to 15 participants.


Scott Love

Scott Love

scott_loveScott Love

Founder of Emergence Earth, is best known for his passionate drive as a Community Outreach Director and “Action-ist” .
 At 21 years old, he started the”Buy Local” marketing business, Vision’s Enterprises.Visions focused on creating fund raisers for youth groups, and providing jobs for the community. This was the beginning of his journey to envision a greater world for all. Visions Enterprises ran for 8 years and raised tens of thousands of dollars for youth groups all over S.E. Michigan.
During the same period in his life, and continuing for nearly 15 years, Scott worked with The Fresh Air Society, Easter Seals and Silverman Village assisting “Emotionally Impaired” children as a camp counselor, nature center creator, back-country/canoe trip leader and Leadership Training facilitator, eventually working his way up to Assistant Program Director. In 2008 he decided to focus on other things, but the desire to create “the ultimate experience for young people” never went away.
In 2009 he, along with Micheal Forrest, designed the foundation for a special kind of summer program One designed to help support and encourage many “sensitive” youth feel more confident and more comfortable in the natural world, and help hone their special skills and abilities. This program is still in the “planning and resource generation” phase. One of Loves visions is to create this program as an extension of the Emergence Earth Project.
In 2001, and for 6 years, Love created a ‘Zine in Detroit called indieScript. indiesScript, and the event production arm, I.S. presents…, hosted over 2 dozen special healing arts, visual arts, music and performance based events all with the mission of “Documenting the independent spirit through arts, music and culture” .
In 2007 he has began focusing his efforts on nurturing THE EMERGENCE PROJECT (in it’s various forms) and bringing community together by hosting inspirational events such as The 11.11.11 Gathering and the 2012 and 2013 Three Days of Light Gatherings (3DL). Scott Love has also participated in the creation of, and helped facilitate, many other gatherings, retreats, festivals and special events not directly related to himself or Emergence.
The Emergence Earth Project is a natural evolution for Love, as his life work is, apparently, bringing people together. And to provide safe, fun, learning based resources to the community. His belief that this work is inspired and being done “through” him and not necessarily by him shows that his ambition really is more about community than it is about personal gain. He is very excited about life, living, loving and creating more and more amazing projects. At 43 he Scott feels the momentum and, as he puts it, ”Man! I am just getting started.”

Visioneering: Discovering the path between dreams and reality

What is your mission in life? What is keeping you from fulfilling it?
In this one hour workshop we will take certain steps, together, to enter into the mindset of the visionary AND the engineer. We will discuss certain blockages that many are confronted with when entering into the process of manifesting the lives, careers, life work, communities and world of their dreams.
When the workshop is over the participant will have a better connection to their vision, will have a secure sense of realizing that they CAN manifest the lives of their dream, and have basic understanding as to action steps that can help them engage in the engineering of this dream. 
After nearly 24 years of creating businesses, community centers, community projects, gatherings and a, now, global network of inspired beings from all walks of life, Scott Love will share his “secret” to launching, and accomplishing, into projects and inspired movement.
This workshop is a participatory one. You will be asked to share your vision passions. It will include a brief guided meditation in the beginning, helping the participant ground and center long enough to consciously become connected to the vision, and will close with a brief symbolic renunciation of all blockages keeping them out of the flow.

Website: and


3DL opening ceremony from last year!


Tasha Greenwood

Tasha Greenwood

Tasha GreenwoodTasha Greenwood

I am a sea gypsy, forever pulled back to the waves and traveling upon them aboard ships. Originally from the sunny coast of Florida, I am currently a college student in Boston, and aspiring healer. I practice Reiki and strongly believe in the healing power of touch. I focus much of my energy on creating connections with others, and spreading the Good Vibes. 

Eye- Gazing Meditation

“If you don’t think, if you just stare into the eyes, soon the waves will disappear and the ocean will be revealed.” Eye-Gazing, in which participants gaze into each others eyes, is a meditation which will reveal truths about oneself and all others to whom we connect. This is workshop in discovery and also in healing, forging connections between the windows to our souls.

Eyes are often called windows to the soul. They are windows… But also mirrors.  Eye-Gazing is a practice with which we can discover truths about ourselves and others. The workshop runs as follows:

We begin with a brief meditation to create a sacred space, center ourselves, and set and intention for the workshop. Then all are encouraged to stand and begin walking around the space, letting your feet guide you and letting your energy find it’s first connection with another being’s energy. Once all in the workshop has found a partner, everyone spends approximately 2 minutes looking into eachothers eyes, without speaking, simply observing and sharing that space. It is called eye- gazing because it is not staring; it it gazing upon and into another beings eyes. We are not used to letting our guard down like this with strangers, letting them see into us, and looking into their eyes without fear of judgement or breaking societal norms. These silent pairings continue for 3 rounds, a new partner each time. After that, we continue to make connections but this time with speech. The first step is to tell your partner what you see in their eyes, of them. Then we proceed to sharing with your partner what their eyes reflect back to you, and finally, the pairs of partners gaze into eachothers eyes and we find the purest truths, saying these aloud with the statement of “I am…”

The workshop ends with a closing circle and brief meditation to ease oneself out of the space.

[The entire workshop runs about an hour.]


Keith Clampton

Keith Clampton

keith_clamptonKeith Clampton

Keith clampton has dedicated his life to the experience and manifestation of god or the divine here on earth and the preparations required for a human body to attain the exulted state of Christ Consciousness.  On this journey Keith has taught various methods of healing, run workshops and been the UK coordinator for Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, organising small and large retreats.
During the process of unveiling the mysteries of life Keith has been learning the age old alchemical process for Christing the brain.  He knows and understands the teachings of Jeshua Ben Joseph as his own and is willing to share all that he knows without deciding who should know or receive sacred knowledge.
His beliefs are You are God and all have the potential to unfold the Christ experience in their lives. His down to earth and practical approach about being human reflects his own life experience and the importance of making divinity accessible to everyone, not a select few.
Keith teaches truth from his life that resonates deeply and uniquely with each individual.  His soul purpose is to surrender as an instrument of the divine. Jeshua Ben Joseph said, “it is not I who speak but the father within.” Keith will show you how to exercise this divine purpose. The rest is up to you!
Evolvefest will be the first event where he will be stepping out into the spotlight to start sharing his knowledge in entirety with anyone who wants to learn… X
Did you ever want to send some time chatting with Jesus? Asking questions, sharing a glass of red wine and learning cool stuff about the universe? Well this workshop is where you get that opportunity.
This is a very relaxed but in depth opportunity to get down to the nitty gritty of how this 360 degree holographic projection we call life works and how your higher self interfaces with your body.
Come with a loose sense of self and leave you beliefs at the door when you enter. :-)
Each and every one of us has the potential to Christ our brain, the KRST In Egyptian times is an age old method of awakening parts of the brain to function at a high vibration which we call Christ Consciousness.  I will take you on a simple journey of understanding this age old method of awakening so you know what is required to be the Moses in your life. Parting your own neocortex, left and right hemispheres of the brain and walking though the middle to the promised land.
The workshop will be filed with opportunities for application of philosophy, learning a technique of breathing essential to the unification of pineal and pituitary glands, plenty of Q & A, opportunities for miracles and generally a jolly good adventure as equals in the Great Work.


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